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What is Smartmessages?

Smartmessages is a powerful, easy, low-cost, web-based, hosted, outsourced email marketing service. We aim to help you communicate with your customers via email in the most efficient, accurate, responsible and cost-effective way.

Smartmessages has the power and resilience to send millions of personalised, good-looking emails every day. At the same time, we pay attention to the tiniest details of data protection and user experience, ensuring that your subscribers (the most important people in email marketing) have the best possible experience.

Sound good? There's no need to wait, no software to install — Get started right now!

Smartmessages is a well-tested and reliable system that's been up and running since 2003. All our servers are UK-based, which means we are fully compliant with the tightest UK and EU data protection regulations.

You can integrate your systems with Smartmessages using our API and callbacks for real-time tracking of email activity. We have simple subscribe and unsubscribe pages, or you can roll your own and point them at our handlers (just like the one on this page). It's all covered in our documentation. We're web developers too, so we know you'll be happy to see our API wrappers on GitHub.

How much does it cost?

You can gain the advantages of Smartmessages from as little as £30/month using our flat-fee, self-service subscription accounts which feature no per-email charges. Our unique reusable templates will also save you from paying your web designers every time you want to send a message to your customers. If you have higher volumes (our biggest customers have lists of over 2 million subscribers), Smartmessages can cost as little as a third of what you are likely to be paying now for your email marketing. We do this by harnessing new technologies efficiently to keep our overheads to a minimum. We can also handle complex data processing and integration requirements, so talk to us about our per-message, managed and other value-added services.


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Our service partners

Partnerships make for easier and more effective solutions in email marketing. We consult regularly with data agencies like Chiasma Data, and communications agencies including AMP and online games specialist Clever TV.
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Our clients

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to maximise email marketing effectiveness, ranging from 1-man businesses to multinationals and national newspapers.
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This all sounds great - where do I start?

Sign up for your free trial account and try it out, and contact us if there's anything you need to know.

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Who's behind Smartmessages?

Smartmessages is a service owned, developed and run by Synchromedia Limited, a UK company based in London and Brighton, staffed by brilliant individuals with an unfeasibly deep understanding of email.